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My Life Motto: Sydney

I am so glad we are gathering together for another Genuinely Good Blog post! Today I am introducing you to Sydney…

Sydney, along with being a daughter, sister, and friend to so many, is a Wildlife Biologist. She works in Box Elder County, managing big game populations and habitat, helping to create a sustainable ecosystem.

Sydney has a steady perspective on life. Just like all of us, she goes through the ups and downs that life brings – however her outlook on life and her trust in God have always seemed to stay constant. This led me to ask Sydney if she had a life motto or phrase that she lived by. Here is what she said…

“A lot can be accomplished with grit, a good team, and Jesus.”

1. Grit:

“Grit has always been a little bit of a defining factor in my life. Maybe it comes from growing up being a softball player where I always had literal grit on my uniform. Or maybe from wanting to play basketball but always being the shortest so I had to work extra hard. And now I am working in a male dominated field where I have to do a lot of physical labor, alone, out in the wilderness, with no cell service. But, I really wanted to do it, so I have to have some grit. To me, grit just means re-working it until you figure it out.”

2. Good Team

“Relationships are such an important part of life for me and things always seem to work out better when I have a good team behind me. During my masters project I had amazing co-workers and because of that I felt so proud of the work that was accomplished. Not because of what I did, but because of what WE did.”

3. Jesus

“One of the biggest things I’ve learned over the past year is that a personal relationship with Jesus is so important. For me that has looked like creating space to ‘sit with Jesus.’ What has worked for me lately is finding time to just sit somewhere, picture being able to sit next to Jesus and then asking myself ‘what would I want to say to Jesus if He was sitting here?’ That has changed prayer for me. It makes it feel like a real relationship, and I think that is the game changer.”

This motto of Sydney’s gave me HUGE insight into how she is able to keep a steady perspective on life. I walked away from this conversation wanting to have some “sitting with Jesus” time. What has Sydney inspired you to do?

TO SYDNEY: I am grateful to be a part of your “team”…thank you for being Genuinely Good.

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