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Kenzie Jo Watercolor Branding Session-16

Why I Paint

One of my very favorite words is “moments.” Not as in the “please wait a moment” you get told while waiting on a telephone call. But moments in the sense of the experiences, memories, and times in our lives that we want to hold onto and remember forever.

One of the very first times I recall thinking I wanted to remember a moment and hold onto it extra tight was in high school as my family and I were at our cabin. We went there every single summer and we were doing what we always did that day – swimming, riding the four-wheelers, and eating homemade BBQ. But something happened inside me as I tried to store away in the back of my mind all of little details of that day. I started collecting moments, if you will. And I have been collecting them ever since.

These moments and memories are something I cherish more than anything else. I now try to make a conscious effort to be on the lookout for views that take my breath away, enjoy more fully every second spent with those I love, and embrace unique experiences that I know are once in a lifetime. For me, that is what matters in life.

The tricky part comes in remembering those moments. So, that is Why I Paint. I paint the family portraits, the wedding days, the family vacations, the group of friends - all those moments that I don’t want to rely just on my memory for. I want them on paper, on my wall, and there to remind me EVERY DAY of the moments.

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